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2006年 04月 28日
Recently I like a word.

This word is very useful.
I use this word many times
in my homestay and with my friends.

Just now, my hostfather said to me.

  'I like spaghetti on bread.
   You should try it.'

I can't believe it.
It's carbohydrates on carbohydrates.

Rice, pasta, bread.
I like eating one of them,
but I don't like eating them together.

One day, my homestaymate was eating a piece of toast,
when I went to the kitchen.

He put a lot of sugar on the toast.

I can't believe it.

He said to me.

  'You put strawberry jam on bread. It's the same thing.
   Jam is too sweet for me.'

Actually, jam is made of strawberries and sugar.
But his act is the same as putting sugar on rice or pasta.

It's a very useful word in NewZealand.

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-28 04:07 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 27日
Asking for The Moon
People sometimes ask for the moon.

I'm envious of a girl who is short, has white skin and a plump body.
And I like words such as 'cute' 'pretty' 'sweet'.

But I can't have a white skin and be small forever.

On the other hand, there is a girl who wants to be tall.
Certainly she must be short.

Why do we want something impossible?
Why does it look better what we don't have?

The harder getting the thing is, the more attractive it looks.

I can see a piece of hope there.

If I had had something...
If I had samething...
If I were you...

Something could have been possible.
Something might be possible.

Even if I think so, I understand that it has no meaning.
Doying something is more useful than thinking.

Of course I know sufficiently my big advantage.

Looking like an active person.
Not being in trouble in a foreign country because of my looks.

Anyway, I sometimes want to be told 'cute'..

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-27 04:06 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 26日
I went to Waiheki to watch the rugby game on Saturday.
One of my friends belongs to a rugby team.

He might play the game
because he was promoted from a second group to first.
But a substitute...

I had scarcely ever watched any soprts games live.
Because I'm not interested in most sports.
Remenbering rules is troublesome
and I may be fed up with watching a game if nobody gets any goals.
Above all I'm not good at playing sports.

But on that day my idea changed.

Right in front of me
a lot of men of athletic build collided with each other.

My friend couldn't get any chance to play at the game after all
and regrettably his team lost.

But I was so excited about and interested in watching the game.

I can't help thinking I dislike something which I have already done.
But it's not good that I have a prejudice.

I'll watch another game.

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-26 03:55 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 25日
Cooking ability
I like domestic affairs.
On every weekend I wash my clothes and clean my room.
But an exception is cooking.

I know that cooking ability has great power.
A lot of men like a woman who can cook.

If I meet a man for the first time and
say to him that I can cook very well,
surely his first impression of me is better.
Especially to Japanese men it's effective.

A few years ago I lived with my ex-boyfriend.
Of course I sometimes cooked for him.
I thought that the taste was not bad.

But he and I had the same opinion.

 'When we think about taste and efficiency,
  it is better that we buy food or have a meal outside.
  We dont't need to worry about money
  because we work and have enough money.'

So my cooking skill haven't almost developed.

I belive that I can get my enthusiasm for cooking if the time comes.
But some of my friends heard what I said and distantly said to me.

  'If the time comes, it't too late.'

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-25 04:29 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 24日
A period rumor
'A person's period infests people around the person.'

I thought that this rumor isn't true,
because there isn't any scientific evidence.

A period can't infect somebody through air or food.

I had almost died for half of this week because of my heavy period.
It started 1 week earlier than usual.
At first I thought that it came from some differences of environment.

I can't move without medicine during a period.
Even if I take medicine, the function of my body and mind
can work only at less than 50% efficiency.

Of course, my kind friends took care of me.
But some of them said to me.

'My period started a few days ago.'

Oh, man.

I understood that they weren't responsible for this.
But this event made me think that the rumor may be true.

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-24 15:44 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 23日
My hair style



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2006年 04月 21日
We took an I.Q. test in the afternoon class.
The marking will be done tomorrow.

These questions were broadcast on TV in 2003.
Panelists were saparated into 6 groups.

Twins, students, teachers, builders, sports players, blondes.

After the test,
we can know the statistics about which group is the cleverest.

At first I couldn't understand why there was 'BLONDES'.
My teacher said to us.

' There is a reputation that women who have blond hair are stupid.'

In Japan there is the same reputation as that.
It's that women who have a big bust are stupid.

These reputations don't have any proof.
Maybe many people don't want a person to have more than two abilities.

Blond hair is beautiful.
A big bust is sexy.

They already have one ability.
So poeple think that they don't have other abilities.

But there are people who have a lot of abilities.

Which ability did God give me?
I'm sure that it isn't looks.

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-21 14:19 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 19日
My teacher said to one student.

' Are you bored?
 If you think so, tell me what you want to do in my class.
 While you are bored, we are not also interested.'

In this class we can tell the teacher
what we want to do more freely.

I told her that I want to watch some movies
and read some newspaper.
Because I thought that I'm interested in
knowing different opinions if we talk about these topics,

But his answer was just 'I don't know.'

What is this?!
Why is this question's answer 'I don't know.'?

He always laughs frivolously.
He hardly speaks.

Someone who is bored makes another one bored.
Someone who dosen't say anything is
someone who nobody wants to talk with.

The feeling which we have infects people around us.

Happy, glad, angry, bored, tired, etc.

I want to be with a happy person and to make my friends happy.

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-19 19:32 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 17日
Diving in NewZealand




No Japaneseで。




  Dive! Tutukaka
  Poor Knights Dive Centre
  Marina Road, Tutukaka
  RD3, Whangarei, New Zealand
  Ph: +64 9 4343 867
  Fax: +64 9 4343 884


















by nobiko9 | 2006-04-17 19:22 | 外ヲシル
2006年 04月 14日
I have studied English ordinarily.
I haven't done anything special.

Speaking, listening, writing, reading.
Not being absent from school, not being late.
If I dont't understand anything, I ask my teacher.
That's all.

Two of my Japanese fiends have wanted to change their class.
Because neither of them could change their class.

For this week they went to a teacher a few times.

One of them could change her class.
But the other one couldn't.

I don't pity her.
Because it depends on her all skills.

If she really wants to change her class,
she had better show something which corresponds with that.

Maybe I'm strict...

by nobiko9 | 2006-04-14 04:27 | 外ヲシル